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Mercotte’s visit

23 August 2017
masterclass Gloria Maris
Gloria Maris Groupe
Masterclass Label Rouge
9 July 2018

What is an aquaculture farm?
An aquaculture farm is a set of nets, open to the surface and floating in the open sea thanks to buoys, which are fixed to the bottom of the water by a system of anchors to be able to withstand storms and bad weather. Each net is called a cage and contains either a particular species of fish or a generation of fish of the same size. Knowing that 30% of the world's population feeds only on fish and that natural stocks are decreasing due to intensive industrial fishing, it is easy to understand why aquaculture farms are expanding around the world.

O f course everybody has heard about aquaculture since this mode of farming is now part of our consumption habits, but having heard about it and see closely what looks like a high-end breeding there is a small difference. Aquaculture is the essential complement to responsible fishing. Even though French aquaculture is a small sector, it is fully committed to the quest for quality.

Freshwater salmon farming which produces mainly trout but also carp, pike and Arctic char, is distinguished from marine fish farming with sea bass, bream, sturgeon, maigre, salmon and turbot farming. Aquaculture fish produced in France meet all the guarantees in terms of traceability, food safety and farming conditions, as the sector is very strongly committed to a sustainable development approach.

A small overview of the fish in the cage and also a beautiful organic maigre of more than 3kg elegantly carried by Sophie Fernandez MOF fishmonger-oyster seller, only 27 years old (knowing the work that it takes to get this title, I say congratulations!). The group Gloria Maris raises sea bass, seabreams and maigre, as well as turbot in the north of France. His fish are exported all over Europe and are found on the table of many starred chefs.

F rance 3 Corsica was also part of the adventure. Philippe Riera, the CEO of the group, explains the global approach and the process and answers all their questions. Do not miss at the end of the article live Facebook that I realized, a bit approximate certainly, but for those interested in the subject there are plenty of details live.

It should be known that Gloria Maris Groupe is today a French reference in the world of aquaculture. In 27 years the company has climbed the ladder of recognition, for the exceptional quality of its farms and its particularly demanding production methods. At the creation in 1992 by Philippe Riera the farms were in the clear waters of southern Corsica to the Sanguinaires Islands and Propriano on sites of exceptional marine wealth. From 2012 the company grew up with the acquisition of Palma d'Oro in Sardinia and Fumet de l’Atlas in Morocco, in 2013 it was the turn of Aquanord and EMG then in 2015 of France Turbot and the constitution of Gloria Maris Groupe. As a result, Gloria Maris is in control of the entire production chain: from egg hatching to fish fattening, until live delivery to processing sites. In 2011 the Campomoro marine farm obtained the AB organic label and the most demanding certifications sites such as the Label Rouge, Friend of the Sea. The Group adheres to the quality charter Aquaculture de nos Régions.

I do not do anything without cheerfulness … The secret of Mercotte’s cooking? A bit of pedagogy diluted in a good dose of love for food!