Here, on the site of the Sanguinaires Islands, everything is exceptional. The beauty of the landscape is associated with a preserved environment that benefits our marine farms. Water quality, currents and technical know-how, demanding management respectful of this unique natural heritage allow to raise high quality sea bass, sea bream and salmon sea, recognized up to the tables of the master chefs.
Company profile : Acquadea


Created in 1992, Acquadea, part of the Gloria Maris Group, enjoys an exceptional location in the clear waters of Corsica. Combining know-how and quality commitments, the producer wants to be respectful of the environment and provides regular environmental monitoring of the marine environment by STARESO (Oceanographic and Submarine Research Station based in Calvi). The site, located in the bay of Ajaccio (site classified zone NATURA 2000), offers exceptional marine resources. Acquadea produces sea bass, Label Rouge gilthead sea bream and Label Rouge salmon sea.


Benefiting from different labels, Acquadea (Gloria Maris Groupe) has established itself as a leader in high-end aquaculture on the European market. This ultra fresh fish (no stock) is fished to order and delivered a few hours after crating. With 3 fishing / week Acquadea ensures regular production throughout the year.


Label Rouge Sea bream

The sea bream lives in areas with sandy bottom or sometimes rocky, with vegetation. It does not go down more than 30-40 meters deep. Euryhaline fish enduring large variations in salinity: it is found in the mouths of rivers, in brackish ponds and in lagoons with reduced salinity. The sea bream is very sensitive to cold so sudden cooling can kill many. It protects herself by descending to greater depths.
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Label Rouge Salmon sea

The salmon sea is a fish with an elegant shape, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious. Relatively big-headed with an elongated body, a mouth in the terminal position without barbel and a highly visible lateral line extending to the caudal fin. It is ilver gray-colored, with bronze reflections on the back. The base of the fin is reddish brown and the cavity of the mouth is yellow-gold. The salmon sea is a fish living in warm to temperate waters, from Mauritania to Senegal and to the Bay of Biscay. Its carnivorous tastes and migrations lead him to come and breed in the Gironde estuary.
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Sea bass

The sea bass, is an elegant fish, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious, littoral, looking for highly oxygenated water, able to penetrate and stay in fresh water, and even breed there. Its teeth are arranged on the anterior part of the vomer only, cycloid scales on the inter-orbital space, sometimes black speckles on the body of the young, rarely on the adults.
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  • Philippe RIERA
    Gloria Maris Group Manager
    Tél. : +334 95 21 48 48
  • Catherine RIERA
    Company Secretary
    Communication Director
    Tél. : +336 75 09 19 82
  • Bastien RIERA
    Managing Director
    Tél. : +337 84 57 24 62
  • Olivier DAGUIN
    Group Production Manager
    Tél. : +336 33 59 77 67
  • Jean-Christophe LEBARBIER
    Site Manager
    Tél. : +336 48 84 40 46
  • Lambert DUMAS
    Sale Manager
    Tél. : +337 87 42 75 70

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