Aquanord produces 1800 tons of fish a year, according to demanding quality standards. Each fish coming out of our farm, according to its size of sale, is from 2 to 4 years old and weighs from 200g to 2kg. In our packing room, among the most modern in Europe, we pack 5 to 10 kg of fish caught on order and calibrated with precision. All of our processes guarantee freshness and traceability. Our breeding site enjoys a privileged position, 30 km from the Channel Tunnel and in the immediate vicinity of the motorway network connecting major French and European cities. We benefit from the vitality of the largest French research center in aquaculture located in the North.

Company profile : Aquanord


  • 1982Creation of Aquanord

    Aquanord was created in 1982 in Gravelines. It was the great era of the beginning of aquaculture in France.
    Historical flagship of the sector, the company produces 1500 tons of sea bass and sea bream in land-based ponds on an exceptional site facing the North Sea.
  • 1987Creation of the Gravelines Marine Hatchery

    In 1987, Aquanord created the Hatchery Marine de Gravelines, and mastered all its sea bass raising process. The company then developed a very important and innovative know-how within a promising aquaculture sector.
    The development of a breeding line of sea bass and sea bream, as well as the emergence of a sector of ​​excellence with the Gravelines marine hatchery, has enabled Aquanord to bring a strong added value to its know-how.
    The site benefits from water regulated in temperature in partnership with EDF and the city of Gravelines.
  • 2004The recognition

    In 2004, the company became the largest sea bass and sea bream production site in France.
    Aquanord fish were twice selected for the Bocuse d'Or in 1995 and 2001. .
  • 2013 Entry into the group

    In 2013, Aquanord became the property of Gloria Maris Group and, as part of the Group's premium strategy, showcased French aquaculture.
  • 2016Label

    In September 2016 Aquanord obtained the Origine France Garantie certification.


Sea bass

The Sea bass, is an elegant fish, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious, looking for strongly oxygenated waters, able to penetrate and stay in fresh waters and even breed there. It possesses teeth arranged on the anterior part of the vomer only, cycloid scales on the inter-orbital space, sometimes black speckles on the body of the young, rarely on that of the adults.
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Sea bream

The sea bream has nostrils with two openings on each side of the head, a little elongated and slightly compressed body, a single dorsal. The first rays of the dorsal ridge and the anal are sharp, the lateral line does not extend on the caudal fin, presence of an auxiliary shell clearly visible in the axilla of the pelvic, the edge of the pre-operculum is smooth and the mouth is normal. It has a bluish gray back, silver-yellow flanks, golden spot on the forehead, black spot often highlighted with red on the edge of the operculum, caudal fin edged with black, strip more or less visible at mid-height of the dorsal fin, molars on 2 to 4 rows.
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Contact form Aquanord

  • Philippe RIERA
    Gloria Maris Group Manager
    Tél. : +334 95 21 48 48
  • Catherine RIERA
    Company Secretary
    Communication Director
    Tél. : +336 75 09 19 82
  • Bastien RIERA
    Managing Director
    Tél. : +337 84 57 24 62
  • Bertrand RITTER
    Site Manager
    Tél. : +336 74 04 15 11
  • Olivier DAGUIN
    Production Manager
    Tél. : +336 33 59 77 67

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