Écloserie marine de Gravelines Ichtus produces conventional or organic sea bass fingerlings (Dicentrarchus Labrax) and sea bass larvae (newly hatched eggs): annually 20 million selected fingerlings of 3 to 5 gr and 400 to 500 million larvae. EMGI distributes 15% of its production to Group farms, the rest is marketed abroad: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain. Fingerlings are delivered by fishponds trucks. The selected larvae are sold overseas to non-competing hatcheries.

Company profile : Hatchery

Created in 1987, Écloserie marine de Gravelines produces sea bass fingerlings (Dicentrarchus Labrax) and sea bass larvae.

As a European specialist in this sector, we have been involved for many years in the field of genetic selection, which allows us to improve the well-being and growth of our fingerlings. A high standard of quality is achieved thanks to very strict health monitoring, regularly supervised by independent laboratories.
Very precise zootechnical controls and nutritional adequacy allow us to reduce the percentage of malformations, which is why we guarantee the quality of our fingerlings in order to offer our customers a standard of quality and constant traceability.

The water feeding the hatchery is filtered and then disinfected by ozone and UV. This water is used to feed all closed circuits of each spawning production unit until pre-enlargement.

In 2013, Ecloserie Marine de Gravelines joined the Gloria Maris Group. The stakes are numerous for the Group, the French sector can once again highlight its know-how internationally.


Sea bass fingerlings and sea bass larvae at the site of Gravelines

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