The French aquaculture industry, hitherto heckled by a particularly aggressive international competition, France really has the arguments to regain its position of leader provided, of course, to assert its own strengths : research for the development of new species, an orientation towards high-end production, respect for the environment...

Gloria Maris Groupe favors in its strategy the know-how and the men able to bring the highest added value to the activities of the Group companies. The market, consumers are in demand for quality products. The alliance of companies that perform and offer sea bass, sea bream, salmon bass, turbot, raised in the ground basin or at sea, noble marine species, allows the Group to consolidate its situation of excellence.

In France, the size of aquaculture companies has long been an critical problem to fight against major international groups. By pooling the relevant resources, while remaining focused on quality, research and innovation, respect for the environment, Gloria Maris Groupe is able to envisage other great prospects : export development and international positioning.


  • 1992 Creation of Gloria Maris in Corsica

  • 2013 Take over of Palma d'Oro, Sardinia

  • 2013 Fumet de l'Atlas, Maroc

  • 2014 Take over of Aquanord and EMG

  • 2015 France Turbot, takeover of magnification sites and hatchery, Turbot activity

  • 2015 Incorporation of Gloria Maris Group Gloria Maris Corsica becomes Acquadea


Philippe Riera is an entrepreneur with a passion for the sea, graduate in Finance and Marketing from Dauphine University, Paris. He created Gloria Maris in 1992 because he was convinced that Corsica, because of the quality of its waters, had to take its place at the time when marine aquaculture in France was in its infancy.

The adventure began in the Gulf of Valinco, Campomoro. Quickly, this small marine farm of 200 tons became the most successful of Corsica. In 2006, the company became the second largest French aquaculture farm. From then on, growth would not stop.

The results and the recognition of the demanding quality of its production made it possible to convince the financiers to support him in his new challenge: to make marine aquaculture in Corsica the French reference. After which he invested in the recovery of activities, first Palma d'Oro in Sardinia, Aquanord and EMG in the Hauts de France, then France Turbot in Noirmoutier in Vendée and Trédarzec in Brittany. In 2015, Gloria Maris became the brand of the Group and took the name of Acquadea in Corsica. On its 3 sites in Corsica, the company produces 1000 tonnes of sea bass, sea bream and salmon sea, labeled (Label Rouge, Label Bio, Bio Suisse, Friend Of The Sea, Charte Qualité - Aquaculture de nos Regions. ..).

Philippe Riera is a pioneer who, from the beginning, is committed to producing quality, in a commitment respectful of the environment and the expectations of the consumer.
He is also on the initiative of the Tanguy mission. This mission aims, based on the inventory of the sector, to point out and analyze the causes of the delay taken by France compared to other European countries and to put the national aquaculture sector in pole position. This mission will lead to regional marine aquaculture guidance and development plans, which aim to reserve sites for aquaculture.

Gloria Maris Groupe is in France leader in marine aquaculture. He is the largest exporter of Corsica.

"We want for our sector, aquaculture, to win with each other.The recognized French quality, the expertise both on farms on land and at sea, will allow us to regain the internal market and develop the exports in premium offer"
Philippe Riera, fondateur et PDG de Gloria Maris Groupe

3800t of fish per year
fingerlings per year
39000000€ turnover