Missions, Vision, Values


We are artisans of marine aquaculture, masters of our know-how. Our group grew by associating small production entities, all exemplary as much by the recognized quality of the four noble species that we raise as by the pioneering spirit of the men who invest themselves in the Group.
Philippe Riera, passionate about the sea, has put issues related to food and health at the heart of the Group's values.
This is how he is the promoter of responsible breeding practices where animal welfare is a priority. In fact, we invest in order to continuously improve our breeding processes in order to provide consumers with a remarkable and constant sanitary, nutritional and organoleptic quality. At Gloria Maris Group, we share the same base of values, the same commitment to sustainable development and resource conservation. /p>


Promoter of quality sustainable aquaculture, Gloria Maris Group, atypical in the sector, is distinguished by its breeding of premium species and premium ++, focusing on high quality and intensive production.


Since our beginnings, we have made the choice of quality against the race at low prices. We stand out again and again by anticipating the legitimate needs and expectations of consumers, thanks to a development based on our premium positioning, whether for rearing or fattening, this is our axis. Our know-how - unique engineering and expertise of our teams - will be the leverage to achieve our goals:
• Pursue our growth by focusing on quality and diversification of our farms,
To be the European reference in marine aquaculture.


At Gloria Maris Group we know that observing and respecting Natural resources are incomparable values ​​and if we know how to draw lessons from them, nature will generously reward us. Being a leader requires us to invest in all segments of our business. Being a leader commits us to be irreproachable. So because we are aware of our responsibility, all our actions, projects and ambitions can be found in 4 key words:Quality, Excellence, Know-how and Respect for the Environment
Collaborative, we are committed to excellence because we capitalize on the individual talent put at the service of the collective and the know-how of our teams.
Passionate, we invest and innovate to improve or modify our processes, essential to the exemplarity of our productions.
Responsible, we are proactive in the protection and respect for the environment.


Gloria Maris Groupe is today a French reference in the world of aquaculture.

In 27 years the group has climbed all levels of recognition, both for the exceptional quality of its farms and its particularly demanding production methods in terms of sustainable development. Quality First.

Quality First

While some practice intensive breeding, looking for a quick profitability, aquaculture in the open sea in Corsica and Sardinia or in shore basins in Gravelines, Noirmoutier and Trédarzec, is on the line of premium markets. Thus, unlike some competition, the group has from the outset bet on a craft production, qualitative and demanding regarding the preservation of the environment and the quality of its products.

Gloria Maris Group perfectly illustrates the positioning of the French market.

It is a well-reasoned exploitation which, today, allows it to be a recognized actor in the vast world of aquaculture: low density in the parks and ponds, balanced natural food respecting the biology of the species (result of a research and development carried out by the breeder), zero pesticide and zero treatment objective, fishing on order guaranteeing exceptional freshness ... All this, combined with the benefits of highly oxygenated seawater whose temperatures respect the natural cycle of the species and a constant current, allows breeding conditions rarely matched and products with optimal taste and nutritional qualities.

The fish of Gloria Maris Groupe are exported throughout Europe and Asia.


For the Group, which is almost artisanal in size, particularly in the face of some giants in Europe or in the world, winning new export market shares means implementing innovative strategies. Evidently that developments in market and research techniques involve heavy investments and resources for SMEs.

Diversity testifies to the strength of the Group, whose leaders master short-term issues. The know-how when it comes to breeding in the open sea in the Mediterranean or in onshore basins, the conquering spirit and the capacity to rationalize the means, open up beautiful prospects.

«Through a daring entrepreneurial approach we imagine pooling certain costs with the French leaders in this sector (mainly R & D, new products, breeding techniques, food ...).We are working on a strategy that will allow us to exceed the threshold of critical size for these new investments, by collaborating on the base of shared values, strong identity and preserved capitalistic independence..».

Philippe Riera


French aquaculture can win the battle. There are determined, creative entrepreneurs who love their territory, who are committed to preserving and developing employment, opening up new markets, overcoming the obstacles of a globalized economy and promoting their high-end production on the national ( there is a lot to win back) and international markets.