In the Gulf of Asinara, in Stintino in Sardinia, we produce stone bass and sea bream on a classified and protected site in front of Pelosa beach, famous for its beauty.
4 km from the coast, PALMA D'ORO, on the site of this beautiful fishing village known for its ancient "tonnara", proudly raises a remarkable fish. The exceptional environment, the know-how, are the assets to develop in Italy the very high quality aquaculture.

Company profile : Palma d'Oro


The Palma d'Oro site was created in 2009 on a unique site in the Gulf of Asinara, in Stintino, Sardinia.

The company now produces 370 tonnes of organic sea bream and 130 tonnes of organic stone bass a year.

In a protected environment conducive to aquaculture, in front of the famous beach of Pelosa, the Ferme Marine de Palma d'Oro raises its fish 4 km from the coast.

The company, which benefits from the group's technical know-how, became the property of Gloria Maris Group in 2013.

An exceptional breeding site in highly oxygenated waters, ideally exposed to marine currents and whose temperatures respect the natural cycle of species, make Palma d'Oro an exemplary aquaculture site.

The Palma d'Oro site is building a sustainable aquaculture industry, firmly rooted in its territory, which aims to produce high quality products.

The fish of our production are delivered to the great restaurants in Sardinia and Italy. Our certifier for BIO quality, Q. Certificazioni is a highly qualified independent inspection and certification organisation in Italy.


Organic Stone bass

The stone bass is a fish with an elegant shape, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious. Relatively big-headed with an elongated body, a mouth in the terminal position without barbel and a highly visible lateral line extending to the caudal fin. It is ilver gray-colored, with bronze reflections on the back. The base of the fin is reddish brown and the cavity of the mouth is yellow-gold. The salmon sea is a fish living in warm to temperate waters, from Mauritania to Senegal and to the Bay of Biscay. Its carnivorous tastes and migrations lead him to come and breed in the Gironde estuary.
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Organic Sea bream

The sea bream lives in areas with sandy bottom or sometimes rocky, with vegetation. It does not go down more than 30-40 meters deep. Euryhaline fish enduring large variations in salinity: it is found in the mouths of rivers, in brackish ponds and in lagoons with reduced salinity. The sea bream is very sensitive to cold so sudden cooling can kill many. It protects herself by descending to greater depths.
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Contact form Palma d'Oro

  • Philippe RIERA
    President Gloria Maris Groupe
    Tél. : +334 95 21 48 48
  • Carlo GIGLIO
    Site Director
    Tél. : + 39 392 309 9339
  • Catherine RIERA
    Group Secretary General
    Director of Group Communication
    Tél. : +336 75 09 19 82
  • Bastien RIERA
    Managing Director
    Tél. : +337 84 57 24 62
  • Olivier DAGUIN
    Group Production Manager
    Tél. : +336 33 59 77 67

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