our stone bass

STONE BASS - Argyrosomus regius

The stone bass is a fish with an elegant shape, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious. Relatively big-headed with an elongated body, a mouth in the terminal position without barbel and a highly visible lateral line extending to the caudal fin. It is ilver gray-colored, with bronze reflections on the back. The base of the fin is reddish brown and the cavity of the mouth is yellow-gold. The stone bass is a fish living in warm to temperate waters, from Mauritania to Senegal and to the Bay of Biscay. Its carnivorous tastes and migrations lead him to come and breed in the Gironde estuary.


After slaughter in iced water, the fish is packaged in 9 to 12 kg insulated polystyrene box (net weight) with ice. The fish is separated from the ice by a protective film so as not to be damaged.
In the insulated boxes, the fish is presented on the back, straight or curved depending on the size, in a single layer.
The name of the product is entered in different languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian), Latin name, number of pieces, net weight, size, codified fishing date, sell-by date, raised in France, conservation conditions, batch number, contact details, bar code and sanitary approval number.
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