our sea bass

Sea bass - Dicentrarchus labrax

The sea bass, is an elegant fish, vigorous, voracious, hunting from a hide, extremely suspicious, littoral, looking for highly oxygenated water, able to penetrate and stay in fresh water, and even breed there. Its teeth are arranged on the anterior part of the vomer only, cycloid scales on the inter-orbital space, sometimes black speckles on the body of the young, rarely on the adults.


After slaughter in iced water, the fish is packaged in 5 or 10 kg insulated polystyrene box (net weight) with ice or possibly another food refrigerant. The fish is separated from the ice by a protective film so as not to be damaged.
Gloria Maris group sea bass is presented in the insulated boxes, the fish is presented straight on 1 or 2 bed (s) depending on the size.
The name of the product is entered in different languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian), Latin name, number of pieces, net weight, size, codified fishing date, "eviscerated" if necessary, mention "waterproof" if necessary, raised in France, conservation conditions, batch number, contact details, bar code and sanitary approval number.
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