our sea bream

SEA BREAM - Sparus aurata

The sea bream lives in areas with sandy bottom or sometimes rocky, with vegetation. It does not go down more than 30-40 meters deep. Euryhaline fish enduring large variations in salinity: it is found in the mouths of rivers, in brackish ponds and in lagoons with reduced salinity. The sea bream is very sensitive to cold so sudden cooling can kill many. It protects herself by descending to greater depths.


After slaughtering in ice water, it is packed in insulated polystyrene boxes of 5 or 10 kg (net weight) with ice or possibly another food refrigerant. The fish is separated from the ice by a protective film so as not to be damaged.
Gloria Maris group sea bream is presented in the insulated boxes, the fish is presented straight on 1 or 2 bed (s) depending on the size.
The name of the product is entered in different languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian), Latin name, number of pieces, net weight, size, codified fishing date, "eviscerated" if necessary, mention "waterproof" if necessary, raised in France, conservation conditions, batch number, contact details, bar code and sanitary approval number.
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